As soon as new pavement is laid, the aging process begins. Combine this with constant expansion and contraction of the ground below the surface and inevitably, cracks will start to appear. Left untreated, water begins to seep through and deteriorate the foundation, which causes potholing and pavement failure.


Is your pavement starting to crack? Don’t wait for conditions to get worse – filling those cracks will help you avoid costly repairs down the road. Our crews start by thoroughly blowing out loose grains and debris with a high pressure air compressor. We use a quality crackseal material which is first heated on-site to 400 degrees, then applied over cracks with a pressurized wand. The material immediately hardens deep inside the crevice, and forms a strong bond to the existing asphalt. The result? A waterproof barrier that effectively blocks out moisture while expanding and contracting with the natural movements of the ground. Often, cracksealing is performed in conjunction with sealcoating as a cost-efficient alternative to re-paving.

You Can Expect:
  • Watertight Protection. Our crackfill material contains the right mixture of rubber and polymers and is formulated to block out damaging surface moisture.
  • Strong Bond. Our hot seal application allows for better adhesion to the sides of the crack
  • Superior Flexibility. Our crackfill material is highly elastic, allowing the seal to expand and contract with the movement of the crack
  • No Mess. Our crack fill material will not track or pick up with traffic
  • You Save. This simple and economical process is a great cost-efficient alternative to re-paving
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“The visible quality exhibited by your workers is testimony to your firm’s efforts. Thanks again.”

Bill Harmon
ADOT District Engineer
Project: Double Adobe – Douglas



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